What is Your Love Strategy?

So I usually give away valuable advice for free. Online or offline in an airport toilet. Casual conversations and church training seminars. It’s my unique form of CSR. And I’ve done this for 10 years! Ranging from my notes on Facebook since 2008 to my weekly 2-hour appearances on WE F.M radio station dishing out […]

What’s Your Super Power?

Discovering Your Defined Natural Ability

A lot of people lead lives of quiet desperation, jumping from one new business prospect to the next hot MLM scheme. They keep seeking for breakthroughs and success that’s out there… Without doing the required work of discovering and developing their own Defined Natural Ability (DNA) and super-power. It can be quite painful to watch. […]

What Are Friends For?

Here are 6 Great Uses

Well there are six core uses for making friends and building relationships in the world today whether through online platforms like Facebook and Instagram or regular good old face-to-face interactions. 1. For Self-disclosure: Friendship is being honest with each other. Sharing our innermost secrets to others doesn’t reveal us to them. It also reveals something […]

Thick Face. Black Heart.

Making 2018 Your Best Year Ever!

There are two attributes you should develop in order to make 2018 your best year yet:   1. Thick Face 2. Black Heart A thick face to bear the insults, mockery and derisive laughter that comes with daring to be different and making a difference. The black heart that is gotten by becoming obstinate about […]

5 Ways to Stay Motivated Through the Year

Because keeping Resolutions Can Be So Hard!

In the world we live in, watching breaking news on CNN, consuming gossip posts and inundated with all that’s wrong with the world today; it’s so easy to get despondent, distracted or even downright depressed. But you can’t go through life just hoping that the Universe would treat you kindly or be fair to you. […]

Complementary Partnerships

Lessons from Street Hawkers and Chefs

Somethings go better together. Bread and akara is a classic example. Beans and Plantain another great example. Banana and Groundnut is definitely another good example of a great partnership. Show me a woman selling banana and I will point out another who’s nearby selling groundnuts. What does this have to do with your brand in […]

What’s Your Mission Statement

Commit to Something

One of the major pitfalls a self-employed professional or entrepreneur will ever face is caused by being too quickly distracted from one shiny new thing to the next. Whether its the new multi-level marketing gig, a new cryptocurrency or some other new fad. Then they wonder why their entire team can’t/don’t/won’t share the same enthusiasm […]

Brand Innovation

Stand Out or be Outstanding

Make something boring a lot more desirable than others have ever dared to. Re-imagine and Re-package old products in new ways. Zobo should come in a tetra-pak not used discarded Eva water bottles. Fura Yogurt should come in clean disposable plastic bowls not dished from a questionable bucket that’s precariously balanced on the head of […]

Possibly the Best Career Advice You’ll Ever Have

Life is in Phases. Men are in Sizes.

When in your 20s, focus on learning horizontally and laterally on a wide range of skills. So in your 30s you should have carved out a niche for yourself and still have an accessory of skills, vast contacts and broad experience in various fields which will that gives you perspective. When in your 40s, you […]

Courage Vs. Confidence

What's the difference?

My niece, Ebube, asks a lot of questions. She’s 9 years old and her curiosity is at its peak! Today she asked me: “Is there a difference between confidence and courage?” She also asked: “Is there a difference between a sin and a crime?” But this post isn’t time for that second answer. Back to […]