The Problem With Hard-Working Uneducated Folks

The need for enterprise education

People misunderstand the root cause of the problem with the Nigerian youths.

It’s not that the youths are plain lazy, it’s that they have subconsciously been programmed to have lazy thoughts. And hope to hammer. Pray for a miracle. Or maybe find employment in Shell & NNPC.

We have a great number of “unskilled labour” painters, carpenters, plumbers, tailors, welders, vulcanizers, mechanics, salon girls, barbers, wheel barrow pushers, small time farmers and whatnot. That’s a lot of hard work. No food for lazy man.

But its still hand to mouth living.

Overseas any of these skills will earn you a tidy sum to begin sending money back home. Fact!

Majority of the “uneducated skilled labour” in Nigeria dont realize that they could earn a great deal more if they ever learnt how to organise themselves, upgrade their system, thinking and subsequently wages…

We must invest in financial literacy and enterprise education to get out of the poverty which the many years of bad governance, human selfishness and ignorance has brought us.

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