3 Steps to Success

I know I’ve said it before. But I’ll say it again and risk sounding like a broken record.

There are only 3 key things you need to know to find success.

1. Know who you are. Develop a sense of self awareness. Discover your talent, values, purpose and personality type.

2. Build on what you know.
Become better each day and seek continuous unending improvement. Just 1% improvement each day and in 100 days you’re already 100% better. At the end of the year you can be 3 times better than you were at the beginning. Imagine that!

3. Become known for what you know. Sell yourself by offering to serve more people. Show some initiative and go the extra mile without being prompted.

Let me correct myself. Success isn’t something to be found. It is what you become. It is the compound interest you gain from several years of gradually building yourself up. Sooner or later the rewards start coming in larger and larger proportions as you cultivate the habit of excellence.‎

P/S: Through the month of July, we’ll dwell on the subject of how to sell yourself and market your services effectively using solid time-tested principles and backed by evidence in Neuro-Linguistic Programming‎. The posts won’t be coming in daily as a number of readers have suggested that I have been writing faster than they can absorb the lessons and put into practice. If that’s not a good “problem” I don’t know what is:)

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12 thoughts on “3 Steps to Success

    • @Henry, many people get it wrong. So they step out with half-baked knowledge and little grounding, then attempt passing themselves off as professionals.

      I was conducting a job interview when a young man, of about 28 came for his own interview. He had never held a job for more than a year. And for the last 5 years he had no job or work experience.

      So I asked him, what do you intend to achieve in the next 3 years. He told me he wanted to become a motivational speaker.

      To say I was surprised is a major understatement. So I asked him, well, why haven’t you been able to motivate yourself to get a job or even volunteer at an organization for the last 5 years? If you cant motivate yourself, how can you possibly hope to motivate others?

      People get the syntax for success screwed up badly. Hence the reminder.

  1. Wonderful secrets in a simple presentation. The application is the challenge but real success comes from following these steps.

    • Ikechukwu, as with everything- talk is cheap. Implementation is everything. Most people are good talkers but not good doers. He who can follow these steps will conquer their world

  2. I cant help but complicate the “simple steps” in my head.
    Know thyself is an elaborate project if i may say so myself. Being insanely introverted and hopelessly melancholic i get confused when that topic comes up. Even after a psychology course in knowing myself, i think i came off more confused than when i started.
    So am so interested in the angle you are going to approach the topic this month and look forward to it.
    Sad it wont be a daily thing anymore, but i guess am the minority.
    Thanks for your posts, its great!

    • Hi Doro. Thanks for writing in. So on the topic of knowing oneself, let me just say that who you are is transient and fluid and in an ever changing and evolving state of flux. So what I’ll be dwelling on in the next few weeks is how we can change our personality by becoming more aware of our own rules, values and using the principles of autosuggestion (more on this later) to influence our mind and run our brains more effectively.

      Like you I used to be a very shy and introverted person. That was a while ago. Today that has changed mostly because I took deliberate steps to change to who I wanted to be and not feel trapped in a personality that did not match my identity of my future self. If I can do it, anyone can! Especially someone like yourself that’s more driven and definitely more smarter than I am

  3. Yeah, people do realy change. While growing up, most people regard me has an introvert. No! They did not regard me, I was an introvert. Very introvertish. A Melancholy to the core. But lately, people do tell me I talk so much they doubt if I ever keep quiet 🙂

    When that happened, I can’t place but I know I’m more of an extrovert now. perhaps because I got involved in lots of public services after college days

    • When people put labels on themselves like “melancholic, sanguine, phlegmatic” etc. I tell them that who you are is always changing. Your character and temperament is not pre-installed and fixed. You can decide to change it.

      If you want to be more outspoken, act like it. If you want to be more friendly, act friendly. You’ll find that your emotions are more predisposed to changing through actions than through logic.

      So perhaps you’ve acted out of your melancholy and introverted nature.