6 Simple Steps to Change a Bad Habit

‎Changing a bad habit or behaviour can be quite difficult to do. Mostly because humans are creatures of habit.

But there’s an easy way to do this in 6 simple steps.

1. First pick one habit or behavior to change, don’t try changing your whole life at once.

2. Study and improve on it 1/1000th every day—read or listen to something for 30 minutes.

3. Disclose your goal publicly. Your family and friends will make it harder for you to cop out of the goal. They’ll be your accountability partners.

4. Find a buddy or a group who are also focused on improving that same habit or behavior. Want to lose weight? Find a friend who has the same desire.

5. Track it.‎ Measure your progress, count the pounds you’ve lost, the days that have gone by without smoking, masturbating, binge drinking, picking up prostitutes, murdering anyone, running red lights or whatever bad habit you’re trying to break.

6. and finally, report your progress publicly. This last step will provide you with ‎motivation required to keep on moving forward.

Disclaimer: This system works for those “give up” goals- like losing weight, quitting smoking, stopping binge drinking. Not for “go getter” goals like making a million dollars in 2016, running the next Lagos marathon or winning the next Miss Nigeria beauty pageant.

Good luck!

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