The 80/20 Principle in Nigerian Business

Gaining More Customers

Dominos Pizza has an awful long waiting queue every day of the week and it’s worse on weekends. Approximately 10 new orders every 15 minutes. Yet they deliver each order in 15mins. The old pizza shop nearby (whose pizza tasyes better by the way) has owed it’s staff the last 3 months and is on the verge of bankruptcy.

Emadeb Petrol Station in Mabushi, Abuja, has such a ridiculously long queue. You would think there was a fuel crises looming. Their competitor, Mobil opposite has only 2 cars, a keke napep, and 6 bored fuel-attendants.

and GTB. The bank hall is so freaking full, you’d imagine there’s another MMM panic. But the micro-finance bank in the next building that ideally should be catering to the same target audience, can’t seem to be making head-way.

AirPeace has a passenger manifest that’s almost always full. #ArikAir barely has enough passengers these days.

The gods are not to blame.

People will beat a path to your door if you dare to make a bold promise and keep it. No hype. No bull. Just a well thought-through value proposition. A willingness to go the extra-mile.

Your brand is more than a your pretty logo, more than shiny equipment and BIG rental space. Owning the sleekest call-card won’t make you better than the next guy if you don’t have a unique value-innovation and truly stand by it.

Only then you can still win even when everyone else may be losing. Eager customers will beat a path to your door.


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