99.9% Need Not Apply

The ad campaign for recruitment into the Royal Marines was: “99.9% Need Not Apply!” It was bold and daring.

Not everybody has got what it takes to wear the green beret of a Royal Marine Commando or scale through boot camp. Many will try, but only a small percentage will make it through.

Their reputation for fitness, rigorous training, endurance & professionalism in the field, along with their repertoire of fighting skills precedes them amongst the world’s most elite soldiers. They are the cream of the crop.

Achieving the zenith of success in any area of endeavour is exactly like that. You can talk about it, glamorise it, desire it, say whatever. Ultimately, you just have to take action. While you’re at it, it will require you to be determined, resilient, bold, daring and confront seeming failure and rejection so many times.

Which is by NO means easy. It’s not going to be, nor is it meant to be easy. You can have everything you want, but it will require all that you’ve got.

So 99.9% need not bother

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