A Better Way to Ask

Most often, we get what we ask for, if we only know how to ask! You can either ask one person for a soft unsecured loan of N1,000,000 and risk being turned down flat. Or you can ask 10 people for a soft loan of N100,000 and increase your chances of at least raising 500k from 5 people. Now you’re halfway there!

Again another form of fear comes from being unable to ask either due to the fear of being rejected. But that as we now know is an emotional and irrational fear. I call it irrational because it’s based on an assumption that we would hear a “No” even without daring first. What’s the worst that can happen? Will they send a hit-man to murder you for asking?

To increase your chances of hearing a “Yes” be prepared to be the first to offer value. Before I got married, I learnt this. So I offered my services to more people in order to raise money for the wedding. I told them I was willing to offer a discount for a time-period and eventually got the number of clients and amount to guarantee that the wedding plans went smoothly.

Don’t ask what someone can give you first. Look for what value of equal or relative importance you can offer first and then ask. It would give the giver more reasons to say a “Yes”. This isn’t rocket science, yet it’s easy to see how often we get this wrong.

No one goes fishing without bait. No one expects yam without first planting. Neither should you!

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