A Better Way to Live

Of what use is buying a set of brand new Michelin tyres when you have no car? Really senseless right? It’s what the allegory, “to put the cart before the horse” means in today’s modern world. Sadly most times, it’s easy to see how our priorities can get all muddled up in today’s fast-moving, complex and competitive society.


Of what use is having a fancy degree without any education on how things really work in the real world? There’s a reason most graduates are unemployed – they aren’t functional. Education must never be limited to the classroom. It must be sought and gotten from everywhere including but not limited to the market place, travelling, television, the internet, internships, personal experience, autobiographies, interviews, mentoring and coaching.

Why do most young men feel the need to impulsively spend all their money in buying a car much bigger than their means with all the proceeds ‎of the first business deal they put together?

An acquaintance of mine (name reserved to protect the stupid) once bought an SUV from Lagos. A day later he calls me, pleading that I send him just Ten Thousand Naira to buy fuel that he would use to bring the new Tokubo vehicle, a Lexus Rx 330 (lovely care though) back to Abuja.


But I wasn’t sure whether to laugh or cry based on his pathetic story.

Is owning a car part of man’s physiological needs? Why do we try to impress others up to the point that we get depressed? Perhaps Abraham Maslow forgot to include that in his famous hierarchy of needs. Or maybe the modern man of today has an Ego that seeks esteem and self-actualisation needs before even his very own physiological needs.


Of what use is having a culture that demands a young lady’s bride price and requirements for her grand wedding running into millions. Then you turn around and complain to your friends that there aren’t any young eligible suitors coming around to ask for her hand in marriage. Here’s a cue, they are either searching for an oil job, federal contract or an international football contract in Real Madrid before coming to knock on your door. Be patient.

What use is it calling yourself a career coach or motivational speaker when you’ve never really started or successfully run a business or even motivated yourself to achieve success of any kind? Why would anyone brand themselves as being a relationship counselor and your personal relationship is in shambles? It’s like being called a chaste prostitute or smoking a healthy cigarette. That’s an oxymoron if ever there was one.

Of what use is the incessant countdown of #bringbackourgirls campaign if in all sincerity the girls are likely never going to brought back home? Will moral persuasion likely make the blood thirsty, war hardened Boko Haram fighters suddenly decide after 500 days, “Hey Abdul, there are about 3 million people on my iPhone re-tweeting about this babes oh! Maybe we should all surrender our sex slaves.”


Oh, and does anyone see a correlation between the spiked increase of teenage female suicide bombers and the missing Chibok girls? Or is it just me?

Then please tell me, of what use is it just liking pictures of orphans, sick people, cancer patients and internally displaced persons on Facebook going to have on the same people who need your help in time, finances or support?

Like me on Facebook. I'm sure that helps somehow...

Like me on Facebook. I’m sure that helps somehow…

Of what use is it being extremely popular and loved by people who barely know you whether on Twitter, Facebook, BBM or a blog, and being disconnected and unpopular with your own family members who  are estranged from you?

Most times we do these things in order to fit in with the crowd like white sheep try to blend in with the flock. We do these things in order to massage our ego and gain some form of momentary fleeting pride from association. But soon that becomes a just faded memory and has no real impact or value in our lives.

Our culture and traditions certainly do have a place in our lives, but when they no longer serve our best interests, we must never indulge in thinking we cannot change them. These cultures and traditions were man-made not heavenly decrees proclaimed by God and carved in stone like the 10 Commandments.

A better way to live is to begin with the end in mind, visualize where you would like to be 10-20 years from now. Figure out what core values and principles you must live by in order to fully achieve your own long-term goals. Then take massive action and strive daily to live by it. Success in life ultimately becomes a compound interest of our daily activities and decisions. Never lose sight of your major objectives by focusing on the irrelevant fads and distractions that really won’t matter down the long road.

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3 thoughts on “A Better Way to Live

  1. Wow. . .
    Awesome write-up, got me thinking plenty and what the definition of value system means to me as a person. . .
    Thanks a bunch, have things to mediate on over this weekend. . .

  2. This got me thinking, sir. Most people live their lives based on ads and not even the real thing. Even the 10 commandments, when God saw it is no longer fashioned with the way people lived, He had to do something about it. Thanks so much for this, something to ponder on.