A Billion Problems

Dealing with frustration and disappointment in a better way is the hallmark of today’s leader and entrepreneur.

Entrepreneurship is about solving problems. To succeed on a massive scale, you’ve got to deal with problems on a massive scale. They say the easiest way to get a billion dollars is to help a billion people. That’s a lot of pressure on anyone, you can expect moments of frustration and disappointments.

So when otherwise successful artistes, movie stars, sportsmen self-destruct through harmful habits such as overdose on drugs, suicide or eating disorders, they simply haven’t been able to handle frustration and disappointment effectively.

To truly succeed and stay at the top, today’s leader MUST be able to effectively train his brain on dealing with frustration, and be consciously able to reframe his thoughts to seeing the good in every problem.

2015 will be like every other year. It’s going to be about opportunities mixed with difficulties. Learning to spot the opportunities and not just identifying and complaining about the difficulties is what will eventually set you apart for leadership and positions of power.

Make Your Life a Blockbuster!

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