A Date With Destiny (Suddenly)

Neighbour: “‎Oga, please help me with some money to pay my wife’s hospital bills”

Me: “Ah! What happened? Is she ill?”

Neighbour: “No sir, she’s okay. But she put to bed a baby girl all of a sudden”

Life doesn’t just happen. Pregnancies never happen suddenly – you had 9 months to plan ahead.

In the same way, success is rarely ever an accident. We must plan a way to achieve whatever our heart desires. There are processes and procedures to getting to the top of a mountain. There are also routes and techniques to master and follow.

Get this, both success and failure leaves clues. You can learn from either the successes of others or their own failures. By adopting and mastering the daily habits of successful people, you soon find yourself becoming a success. You don’t achieve success, it isn’t something out there to be won, you become successful by becoming so attractive in the marketplace by the value you bring into the room or project.

The same principle applies to failure as well. No one just fails all of a sudden. The economy doesn’t collapse suddenly. There’s no such thing as an overnight celebrity or an accidental failures. Rather it is the day-to-day habits that accumulate and bind us into self-destructive patterns that are hard to shake off.

Wherever you find yourself at any point in time, you made an appointment once upon a time to be there.

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One thought on “A Date With Destiny (Suddenly)

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