A Lesson in Emotion Management

How can a millionaire feel discontent with his good fortune? If he chooses to compare himself with his brother who is a billionaire.

How can a man who earns $10,000 monthly income feel unhappy? If he is constantly competing with his wife that earns $30,000 weekly!

What’s the secret for happiness or unhappiness? Isn’t it really about being in control of how we feel on a day to day basis about failures, family, finances, friends, Fridays and everything else?

Albert Einstein espoused the Theory of Relativity where he explained that the concept of time is really about managing our emotions. He explained that a man who spends an hour sitting with a beautiful girl on a train can feel like it was merely 5 minutes while an actual five minutes spent sitting on a hot stove can feel like an hour!

In the same way, life is neither cruel nor kind, it simply is LIFE. However the way we choose to view our lives determine our individual feelings about how fair or unfair life is.

When we choose to compare ourselves with those who are better off than we are in a particular area- mentally, financially, physically, socially or spiritually we can immediately feel to some extent a measure of stress, discontent, frustration, envy, jealousy or even hatred!

If however we choose to benchmark ourselves against the millions of people who have little or nothing to eat daily, are unemployed or physically handicapped- then of course we would become a lot more grateful for the lives we have and all that we’ve been blessed with.

Emotional management begins with understanding than comparisons are unhealthy and learning to only benchmark our current position against our previous performance. If you look back at the last 3 years, and realize that you’ve grown mentally through the books and blogs (like this) you have been reading, or realize that you’re now physically fit through making the right choices in your diet and frequent exercising or figure that today you’re much closer to your Creator through meditation, prayer and alms-giving, you immediately feel some sense of satisfaction and a feeling of control, knowing you are the captain of your fate and master of your destiny.

In summary, the focus you take on life determines your emotions. So be conscious about how you decide to look at your life, take a positive outlook and focus on more of what you already have and not what you lack or what your neighbour has which you desire. The grass would remain greener on the other side if all you do each day is peek over the fence instead of focusing on watering your own garden. Fall in love with yourself, your garden and your life.

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