A Most Curious Case of Mental Masturbation

Some people masturbate. Despite the fact that healthy lifestyle and religious folks say it’s unhealthy. But also is smoking cigarettes, eating fried chicken, French fries, drinking Coke and traveling in old passenger jets. People still do all of that regardless.

Mental masturbation is something similar to all the above. It’s the border line between being classified as a sin but yet not breaking any known man-made laws. So what exactly is mental masturbation?

Well, let’s say you have a “really great idea”, or so you claim to anyone who has ears. It gets you all excited just talking about it. In fact so excited that you forget to actually start it.

You tell yourself over and over again in your head how it’s such a great idea and how many millions, no scratch that, how many billions it will fetch you. You tell your mum, your siblings and also tell your best friends. They share your mutual excitement for a time, because that’s what family and friends do. Until after a while they get tired of just hearing about it over and over again.

That’s mental masturbation. To get yourself worked up over a figment of your imagination to the point that you never really make any bold moves. You analyze the angles. Plot out a graph. Write a feasibility study and even a business plan. Talk a lot about it. Make an argument both for and against. But eventually you never put your time nor money where your mouth is. You stay paralyzed by fear and cover it up with over-analysis.

And after a while even your closest friends stops listening to your “great idea” and now you get offended by their lack of faith, feedback and no encourgment. But the truth is, just watching someone excite themselves mentally over the same old idea again and again gets less exciting each time. When you already know the end from the beginning of the conversation, people tend to automatically switch off listening. Most people hardly even watch ‚Äémovies with a $100million budget more than once.

So less talk. More action. Get started on something. Build something. Take one step forward. Do the needful. It may seem like you are groping in the dark (and yes, you may for a while) but soon enough help comes. It always does. For Heaven sooner helps those who help themselves. And your valuable experience is earned by doing. Neither thinking nor talking can take the place of actually doing.

You’re better off starting something. Success is predicated on action not wishful thinking. But success is impatient and your audience is waiting.

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6 thoughts on “A Most Curious Case of Mental Masturbation

  1. Wow just wow… eloquently written& resonates with me too. Now I have to get outta my head n start the DOING and let the success do the rest of the talking that I haven’t finished up yet (: