Ebuka 3b3Ebuka J. Anichebe is the Managing Director of Jean-Paul and Associates Consultancy- a consultancy firm. He is passionate about teaching and human capital development. He is a published author and a distinguished teacher and business coach.

His ten-year career span in professional services has included positions in senior executive management, sales and marketing, business process re-engineering and brand management departments.  He is currently the Chief Executive Officer of Jean-Paul and Associates Consultancy- a business development company and owns shares in a number of SMEs through partnerships.

Till date his clients which cuts across several industries have included top banks in Nigeria, he has also helped set up non-government institutions, a wide variety of small and medium scales enterprises and several local government agencies. Some of his clients include Industrial Training Fund, Institute of Planning, ASO Savings and Loans PLC, Nigerian Television Authority, Seat of Wisdom Model Schools, Abuja Shelter, NNPC, Federal Inland Revenue Service, NAPIMS, PPMC and a number of other SME’s.

He has an uncommon approach to marketing media consulting, business development and brand building and management. He’s best described as an effective manager of projects and good team leader. With a strong background in Business Administration and Strategy Development, there’s a lot to offer and different sides of a cube when working with him. He’s an avid writer, a skilled business development manager and a self-styled creative executive. He is considered to be friendly, honest, outgoing and keen of discovering and trying out new ideas.

He combines a deep understanding of consumer marketing, social marketing for governments agencies and B2B business environment with an uncommon knack for advertising and branding. So when you bring your business ideas to the table, he listens to you first and later provides deep insight into brand partnerships and marketing opportunities which you might previously not given much thought to; he does this with simple clarity. With a educational background in Entrepreneurial Practice and a degree in Business Administration, magna cum laude, he is known as a renowned service marketer and also combines his mission of “saving the world” through a brilliant synergy of communications and ideas.

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3 thoughts on “ABOUT

  1. Hi Ebuka
    I always listen to you on we woman , we FM radio. You really have what it takes to help businesses grow in Nigeria.
    I need your advice, I bake cakes and pastries, how to penetrate the market is a big challenge. How to start, I went to some shops around they already how people that supply those product to them,
    I really need your advice. Thanks

    • Have you tried going to secondary schools and big churches? That’s where the hungry people are. Go for the hungry people instead of the middle men and store-owners. Brand your marketers and the flasks, warmers and containers so you can establish trust from strangers immediately they see the packaging without having prior knowledge of your brand name or taste. Presentation is everything.

      That’s my candid advice.

      Make it rain