and Men Became Gods

I’ve spent the past 5 days educating, enlightening and entertaining 28 top executive managers of NNPC on Advanced Business Strategy, Customer Service Excellence & Emotional Intelligence.

I’m grateful for the experience, contacts, referrals and new spin-off ventures.

It was intense and fun for the most part. Just 5 years ago, many of my associates would have doubted this was on the cards for me (I was just the guy who designed websites, logos and wrote inspiring stuff on social media). Today these high-end VVIP sessions have become the new “normal”.


1. Dreams don’t come true unless you come through. You only come through when you are willing to let go of the baggage holding you back- the distractions, limiting beliefs, doubts, bad habits and false friends.

2. The price of greatness is sacrifice. When you desire something so much that you’re willing to forgo everything else in order to achieve it- only then will you attain it. There is a God in you.

3. When you get to the point in life when you don’t want to be anything other than what you’ve been trying to be lately; know without a doubt that you’re on the right path to success. Determination today leads to success tomorrow.

Design your ideal life on paper. Work tirelessly on the design. Create your project. Live it. You are a god. Psalm 82:6.


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