Anyone Can Be a Critic

Several years ago Jesus made a distinction between two types of people: Hearers and Doers.
Here’s the thing about that lesson that is relevant 2,000 years later. Knowledge of the information is always easy. You go on Google and in 0.003 seconds you now have over 3,500,000+ possible answers available at your fingertips. There has never been a better time to be alive (unless of course you’re Adam strolling naked in the Garden of Eden). But to imagine that in the old days way back in the 90s, you had to visit a local library, thumb through endless pages in a big old dusty encyclopedia or seek out an expert counsel. Today, all the expert help and advice are almost entirely free of charge.
All that’s left is for you to filter and read those search results on Google. Glean the answers applicable to your unique situation. Interpret it and the decide whether or not to ACT on your new found knowledge. Wisdom is the application of knowledge.‎
Most critics are just hearers, they know an awful lot (or so they think) about the information available. But they are cynical enough not to do it themselves. They feel more comfortable telling others how it shouldn’t be done. Anyone can watch a Martin Scorsese movie or Jerry Bruckheimer series and make critical pointed comments on every aspect of the movie from the cast to the background music. It’s a different thing all together from being able to produce a 15 minute short film.
Knowing by casual observance is the easy part. Doing by practical experience is the hardest part.
Someone wise once said, when you reach your sunset years, the most things you regret at the opportunities you never explored. I completely agree. The longer your bucket list when you’re 65 and retired, the more things you still wish for, the higher your number of “what ifs“, the more regrets you’ll end up having. Disattisfaction is the distance between your ideal and present reality.
So go for it. Take a chance and just do it. It’s always a 50/50 chance of you succeeding. Just believe.

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