Are You an Overnight Celebrity?

A friend once said “It takes about 10 years to become an overnight celebrity”. I concur.

Unfortunately people rarely appreciate the input it takes to achieve success; we place too much emphasis on seeing the end result, landing the BIG contract, signing a record label, winning the talent competition, getting an award, adding a new prefix or suffix to our name etc.

That’s why most ladies strive to buy expensive weave-ons, guys buy fake Rolex watches, take pictures in hired private jets parked in a hangar or a friend’s car and upload all over social media. All these antics is in a bid to somehow project the image that they have already “arrived”. We all want to look like we have won the prize without paying the price.


But as a startup, underdog or newbie in any industry,  learning to live without immediate recognition is a SKILL we each must develop. Keep working on simultaneously growing your skill-set,  expanding your impact, and improving on your business model.

Determination today leads to success tomorrow.


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