Are You Selling to the Wrong Market?

Christians believe that God sent his only begotten son to die for the sins of the world.

And yet two thousand and eighteen years (2018) later…not everybody is a Christian!

Imagine that?

Now, does the Pope get frustrated about this fact and make an attempt to go to the Middle East, India and China to convert every Sunni & Shiite Muslim, Hindu or Buddhist to Christianity?


Rather he spends majority of his time visiting Christian nations, giving pontifical recognitions to benefactors, writing goodwill messages for the 1 billion Catholic faithful across the world.

That’s equally what you should be doing!

Don’t get side-tracked by attempting to convert those who are finding it difficult to buy into your products or service.

Double your efforts instead by focusing on your believers (tribe) and forever seeking new value to give them and you can be sure, this way, you’ll keep winning!

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