Are You Shy of Talking about Money with Your Spouse?

Money makes people funny, or so the saying goes, and its true.

Everything from different spending habits and financial goals to one spouse making considerably more money than the other, causing a power struggle can strain a marriage to the breaking point.

Money really touches everything. It impacts peoples lives,

Clearly, money and stress do seem to go hand in hand for many couples.

Financial troubles can be categorized as one of the biggest causes of divorce, following infidelity, thenumber one reason for divorce.

It is therefore essential that you communicate early and clearly with your spouse and seek consensus on the BIG issues like rent payment, mortgage contributions, school fees.

Even the daily trivial matters should be communicated and agreed such as who is responsible for grocery shopping, internet data, DSTv, dry cleaning and entertainment. And then a budget drawn up.

This way, each person can manage their expectations and budget accordingly.

Christmas brings it’s own share of pressure on most marriages as mothers tend to want to buy new clothes for themselves and the children, stock up the deep freezer with food and fill up the kitchen store.

While fathers may be trying to balance between their contributions to their immediate and obligations to their extended family aged parents, sibling-dependants, school fees next January and perhaps outstanding rent issues.

Please don’t let money issues sour the holiday mood, have a sit-down and discuss your present fiscal situation as a couple; then come up with a plan that works for both of you. Make no assumptions.

God bless your home.

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