Are Your Customers Price Givers or Takers?

The cost of a plate of food in a bukka is different than a hotel in VGC. The bukka food might even taste way better. But no one will pay N5,250 for a meal beside a mechanic workshop.

The barber that charges N1,200 for delivering home service isn’t 10x worse than the guy that Steve Harvey reportedly pays $1,000 per haircut… which is ironic also because and the Steve Harvey is bald!

Cinemas is Osun charge N500 for a movie. If you charge the same prices in Abuja, no one may even come. No one wants to be seen there. Its too cheap. Abuja people are price takers.

Chicken Republic charges just Five Hundred Naira (N500) for a meal, lots of youth corpers rush it. Transcorp Hilton Hotel wont sell even you a stick of suya at that price. Different audiences. Here the National Youth Corps members are mostly price givers — they dictate the price. Hence the reason most organizations e.g airlines, hotels and transportation companies offer them a specially discounted fare.

Stop banging your head on the wall. Know what game you are playing and realize which market-place is willing to pay you what you want. Then go there.

Otherwise just take the prevalent market price, cut your costs, lower your expectations and roll with it. Your choice really.

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