Are You a Learner?


For some weird reason, most people don’t like to be referred to as learners. They don’t like to admit that they only just finished driving school last month, and certainly don’t want to drive to the office with a BIG red L sign stuck at the bumper of their car. Yet everybody knows that:

Every master was once a beginner. 

But it’s easy to see this kind of inspirational quote on Facebook or Instagram and click the “like’ button then quickly move on to the next post to ‘like’. I’ve been suspecting that the speed of information may be leading to an Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) especially amongst  many young adults.

But unless you really deeply understand the importance of that message; then you may KNOW about the quote; but not fully UNDERSTAND it. Not to mention ever APPLYING it.


We are in the Information Age, it is worth mentioning just in case you just crawled out from under a huge rock or got out of jail or woke up from a coma or developed a rare form of amnesia or…. you get the gist…

Now all of this information currently available can be segmented into 3 categories. The first domain in the acquisition of information is knowledge. In other words a basic awareness of WHAT a subject matter is about. It is the 4th year medical student that studied and went through hell and back to make the cut-off mark. It is the mechanic’s apprentice who isn’t sure if the noise emanating from the engine of your Lexus is coming from a brake pads or master brake. It is the youth corper who teaches Business Studies at the government secondary school down the road but has never started a micro business.


After the gathering of knowledge comes a deep understanding of HOW to apply this knowledge; much like a new startup business of two friends armed with nothing but competence, confidence and a great idea. Or the couch potato business coach regurgitating what he learned at an online Business School based in India without ever questioning it’s application in his present locality. It is the savvy hustler on the street hoping to make a quick buck in exchange for information on a one-on-one basis per customer, it is also the smart entrepreneur who is determined to organize and sell this information to large numbers of people. Now most people stop here. They chase success alone without building a legacy. They may achieve “success” but their triumph won’t last long.


At the last step comes true mastery of the information with the aim of helping others, going beyond your own needs and helping another find their voice.

Now this is known as WISDOM. It is obtained from an intersection of knowing WHAT the subject is, understanding HOW it can be applied in a real world scenario. And finally WHY it has to be done in one way and not the other. At this point lies true genius. Knowing the information and deciding whether or not to simply accept it wholesale and wholeheartedly, OR dare to go the extra mile, break a few rules, invent new standards and be called a true genius.

But this unfortunately doesn’t come by easily.  If it did we would all be wearing jeans & sneakers like Mark Zuckerberg. Of course some will prefer flying a new G5,  driving a black Bugatti and wear an expensive Rolex (it’s a black man thing).

The question then is: What are you doing today that you ought to do everyday in order to get to where your dreams are? 

You see,  the difference between here and there is the T. The T stands for TIME. Time lies in between where you are now and where you want to be. Therefore you have to spend it wisely through reading and research, networking and exploring, learning and unlearning. Better yet you have to invest in TIME through consistent  application of learned principles daily. That’s where true mastery emerges.

Its no secret that Bill Gates’ first company failed. Steve Jobs was kicked out of a company he helped start. Mark Zuckerberg’s original idea of a network would neither have been this socially acceptable nor successful if he did not have the presence of mind to work at constantly tweaking the experience and immediately recognizing the prospect of a better business model when the twins shared their thoughts with him in their dorm. Life is out there waiting to be explored and discovered. Meet like-minds, build networks and choose to be mentored and be a mentor. Pretty much all of us come into this world naked, crying and hungry. What we are today is as a result of all the time and resources invested in our personal growth.

Begin to dare. Dare to do more and most importantly be more. Before you jump up and down to start daring, first answer the original question: What would you want to be remembered for?

That’s a good starting point. Every master was once a beginner learner.


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