Making the leap from Freelancer to Genius!

Choose to think of yourself as an artist and not just a freelancer or another self-employed professional. Think of your work as art and strive to get better at it everyday.

Now as an artist, if ever someone requests that you commission a particular piece that you’re unaccustomed to doing, you have two choices:

Option 1:
You could partner with someone with expertise and execute. Both of you share profit afterwards.

Option 2: Refer the client to someone and get a commission after sale.

Either way you win.

But the 3rd road, which you must never do, is take on the job and prove yourself incapable of executing it.

This not only damages your reputation but after a while also affects your own credibility and self-confidence.

Don’t be like a typical roadside mechanic. Be The Smart Hustler

P/S: Whoever cooked this food, understands artistry and will surely see God.

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