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This blog will probably not cure cancer or even asthma. But it can help in solving most of your personal and professional needs. This blog is for anyone who wants to discover a deeper sense of purpose or a higher meaning out of this journey called Life. The stories told will inspire you and the questions asked will cause you to pause and ponder, giving you clarity on what you should be focusing your time and talents on.

This is a blog for intellectual discourse to engage, ask uneasy questions, share stories, conspiracy theories, experiences, lessons and opinions. But no you will NEVER find gossip or slanted political agenda here, please go on Linda Ikeji for that. Here we hope to teach and more important to learn from each other.

Any questions? Ask me in the comment section below.

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19 thoughts on “Ask Ebuka

  1. Hi Ebuka, i keep listen to you on we FM but unfortunately i haven’t had an opportunity to call in, because am always driving when you are calling. You and Kyla are doing a good job. Am currently working but i really know that am very good at setting small businesses, i don’t know if you can link me up with an entrepreneur, cos current i have a small business not in Abuja outside Abuja but the business is not doing so well as i expect because my presence is not there all the time. please if you can link me with people that do long distant businesses to know how they do it.

  2. Hi Ebuka. I am working and over time, I have been able to save about a N1M, that is just lying in the bank. I want to invest it into something that will yield returns but do not know what. Does your consulting firm give people ideas on what they can do and actually help them see the investment through?
    I will be happy to hear from you on this.
    Thank you and keep up the good work.

  3. Hi Ebuka,
    Listened to you on Monday on we fm and wanted to say I enjoyed every bit of the programme as always. I need help with my business and self. I own a hair salon and I find it difficult sustaining or is it adding value to it? If It’s by hard work and commitment, I should be one of the richest people in the world, because have engaged in other area of business before but It seems my dreams are always there but the ability to reach is what I struggle with.

    I battle depression every now and then but have always pull myself back up. That I must say is one of strength I.e the ability to pull up but then after that what next. I think not having the answers to what next is what sends me back in.

    I Need help pleeeease. Hope to hear from you soon.

  4. Good afternoon Ebuka.
    I just listened to you on we fm. I want your advice on what to-do Next. I have different business ideas so I met an investor and he picked interest in me. Now wanting to test me he asked to come up with a business that requires N200,000 to start and remits N45,000 monthly…. He wants to see how I succeed with this first one before investing in the main business plan I gave I want to impress him with something successful … please I need your help…..

  5. hi Ebuka, i listened to u on monday which was sallah day WEWOMEN to be precised, am really impressed with the few business ideas that u shared on the platform while on radio,thought am a serving corper in abuja here,i think i have time to start a small business which am working on to start now, but pls i need your guidance cos u gave me the drive and ur speech arose my moral now am prepared to start now, i have made available the funds to start.

    • Thanks for choosing to create your own future and becoming a freelancer/entrepreneur- they are not both the same thing.

      I usually do open training courses or private coaching for startups. The training is once every month. the coaching is whenever you are available and it will cost you some money but the ROI makes it entirely free, if you get my meaning.

      So make up your mind and let me know what option is best for you. Thanks

  6. Hi Abuka, well like a lot of people, I have been glued to WE.FM and on Mondays mostly when u on air with Kayla …now I have a lot to say but I’ll start with thank you so much for not just me but for a lot you do to just help people ….a lot of times I wish you were in my family… Lo you will do wonders …,To why I am here is cause I called one day while the show was going on and asked to be directed on how and what I should do to start a market…. Now in this I want to produce beeds wrist bands and on the other hand which I didn’t say then was I want to start a clothing line .I don’t know if you know “Chris brown” well but he has a clothing line called pyramid… Please look it up when u can….now I have had a lot of ideals in my head about this and of recent I started putting my designs on paper ….long storey short I need two thing sponsor(s)
    And partner(s)
    I was hoping you can garde me on that ….please I’d like you reply it’d be much appreciated.

    • Well what can I say? Start with what you hope for… get started with what you have and soon enough you can and will attract sponsors and partners.

      Truth be told, it would be hard to get these sponsors and partners if ALL you have is an idea and no proven business model, experience, market or previous sales.

      So just get started already. You can also read the last two posts I did on Sources of Finance for your Small Business.

  7. hi Ebuka,i love what you are doing.i am a 23 years old girl i love modeling,it has always being my dream,i work from Monday till Friday.i don’t even know any good modeling agency here in Abuja that i can belong to or register with. please do you know any you can refer me to,i will really appreciate.THANK YOU

  8. I’m a graduate of Architecture but I love doing business, so the problem is, what kind of business can i go into?
    Patiently waiting 4 your reply

    • Go into one that you have a passion for and also meets the needs of a market with cash to buy.

      To sell food, go to hungry people. To sell religion, go to poor people. To sell drugs, go to sick people. To sell market, identify a need and fulfill it.

  9. Hi Mr Ebuka,
    I listen to you consistently on WE FM and I say nice job you’re doing.
    I’m an Architect and working for myself. I’m doing pretty well but not as well as I want to be. I need advice and ideas to get more client and to reach out to the kinds of clients I want to reach. I also just started a furniture outfit just to the doors open but I want to make it bigger than Alibert. Pls what should I do sir? Thanks.

  10. Boss.
    you were talking about the marketing skills of a Harlot on wee f.m sometimes back,can i find these anywhere inside