Avoid Jumping to Conclusions

The entire family was at the dining table. Our little 6-year-old girl wasn’t eating and had her nose in her plate

After a few moments, she said, I have something to tell you people

Silence around the table.

Im no longer a virgin, and she begins to cry.

A long silence again.

And then, her father angrily and screamed at me, Its your fault! Always dressed and make up like a prostitute!”

Do you think you are setting a good example for your daughter? You see now? You see yourself? Thats how problems arrive.

I in turn decided to rip him apart: What about you? Are you setting a good example?

Wasting your salary on sluts who sometimes even accompany you to your doorstep! Are you setting a good example for our daughter?

Mr. Okoro continued…” and your stupid sister, that good for nothing, with her rasta man of a boyfriend, Who is always found with her in all the hotels. Do you believe she is setting a good example for her niece?

And the recriminations went on and on and on. My mother-inlaw who everyone called Big Mama, touches the shoulder of the little grand daughter to console her and asks her :

Well, my little girl, how did it happen?

And the little girl replies while stifling her sobs:. “its the Priest

Big Mama asked: What do you mean, by ”it is the priest?

The little girl said: The priest has chosen another girl to be Virgin Mary in the Christmas play. Im no longer playing the role of Virgin Mary again.”

(Lesson Learnt)

Hmmm the price of impatience!

Even you the reader was much in a hurry to conclude and blamed the priest before the story ends.

Morale of the story is that its natural to be shocked at the beginning. But learn to listen to the whole story before you react.

Only then can you solve the issues thrown up by the story.

Remember wrong actions can’t be undone even with the highest apology!

Yoruba proverb says… our voice is like an egg, once it land on the floor, you can never get it back again.

I hope you’re learning something from our last series of posts?

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