Based on a True Story

Testimony on the Smart Hustler Game-Plan

On the 14th of February 2018, I gave an offer on my Instagam page: @askebuka to coach the first 5 people as my Valentine’s Day giveaway.

A lady quickly took me up on the offer, that was the first smart thing…

The following day, we had a 45minutes conversation over the phone and laid out a marketing game-plan.

I soon moved on with my life. And she moved in with the game-plan!!!

Within 4 weeks, she was growing her new brand, @hustlersquare to become a HUGE force to reckon with and since then has grown her influence to 115,000 hustlers in just 6 months.🔥

Today she’s bought into her own mansionette on Chevron Drive, Lekki!!!

Brothers and sisters, after reading the stories, learning the lessons and answering the questions you get from reading the Smart Hustler Playbook…⏰

The next thing left to do is take massive action! Hustle like it was oxygen and you were running out of air.

Your plan only works when you work it 🔥🔥🔥 Unfortunately your coach cant help you do your own push-ups. Success is personal.

Congratulations Lily the Jagaban of @hustlersquare. I’m might proud of you!!!!! #NewestLandLady👍🏾👌🏽

If you need a copy of The Smart Hustler Playbook + The Smart Hustler Game Plan coaching to get your groove on, don’t dull oh!

Testimonies are plenty. Enjoy the pictures.

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