Be All You Can Be!

People like their food cooked a certain way, they’ll read only certain types of books or blogs & also have a preference for certain types of movies or DSTV channels.

They also like artists acting a specific role, e.g. Patience Ozokwor the wicked mother-inlaw. Or Jason Statham the plain-dressed hero with great driving and fighting skills. So its only quite natural they’ll want you boxed into a familiar category.

They may want you to be typeset, to limit your role to a particular field of interest and be known for that one thing only. If you succumb to this pressure, eventually they’ll underrate you. Because familiarity breeds contempt. You soon become old news.

So dare to be different. Cast your nets into various directions. Though not all at once!

Explore your various talents. Have a wide range of hobbies and interests.

Life is nothing if not an adventure!


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