Becoming Triple A

Getting Known, Liked and Trusted!

Work on becoming Triple A in 2019.

Be ACCESSIBLE even if you want to be strategically unavailable. Be present across all major medium and platform where your target market might be.

Another thing, if you can’t answer the phone calls, respond to social media, Whatsapp or emails because of your work pressures, family obligations and time shortages. That mu friend is a champagne problem.

Maybe it’s time you got an assistant and stop playing solo!

Secondly be AMIABLE. Be friendly with your customers and you’ve won them for life! It starts by bothering to take interest even at their pictures on I.G and liking them. Then take it on from there.

Lastly have ABILITY. Be able to actually deliver as advertised.

That’s it. You get this sorted out and you’re looking at acing your Triple A status!

Surely referrals and alerts will follow you all the rest of the year and we shall celebrate with a Benz at the end of the year 😁👍🏾

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