Before You Say “I Do”

The rate of divorce in Nigeria will climb higher as female empowerment surpasses male entitlement.

Men are yet to accept reality. Now a lot of men will find this truth a bit hard to swallow.

But it is a fact.

The world you perhaps grew up in during the ’80s and ’90s with your father’s word being the universal symbol of Law & Order, and a meek, subservient mother who will only abide by these laws- but grumble in the kitchen later due to lack of a balance of power- economically, socially and physically is quickly changing.

The more women get educated and empowered, the less capacity for bullshit and double standards they are willing to accept.

So is there a solution?


Either get to grips with this new reality or go and marry a village girl.

But even then, I’m pretty sure the Kardashians will soon bring her up to speed sooner or later.

Understand your temperament and rules and make adjustments where necessary early enough. Before you say I do, please ensure that you and your spouse are playing according to similar rules by a shared playbook. You really don’t want to have a philosophy founded on old traditional Igbo/Yoruba cultural norms, while your partner on the other hand is playing by the rules of an American influencer who is dishing out a very different set of rules.

You don’t need T.B Joshua to accurately predict that things will end up pretty badly.

Empowerment will always reign supreme over entitlement. And every divorce caused by this imbalance will be some sort of liberation for the empowered. It will be a good decision to have been taken.

Men need to step up to balance this increasing anomaly. Children do not have to go through the pain of divorce because some man decided to live in a low consciousness called entitlement. The effect of divorce go way beyond us. It affects the foundations of a nations. Men need to step up.

The numbers are climbing. Don’t be another statistic.

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