Black Friday Offer

Grab 3 for the Price of 1!

My dear people of God, business registration at CAC is now just N5,000!

Simply go on:

This means anyone can start a business today.

But the magic lies in effectively marketing your business to generate sales.

No market. No sales.

This book was written for Nigerian business owner by a fellow Nigerian hustler with keen observation for strategy and marketing ploys of how different people hustle from the pastors, runs girl, 419, hunter & farmer, to Coca-Cola and NASA.

Coming from a guy that has moved from an unknown guy from Warri to the board-rooms of several major corporations.

Now you get to know gain the insight from other people’s experiences without the pains they had to endure.

Glean the relevant lessons with ease and the flexibility that having an ebook, audio and paperback provides on-the-go.

Now whether e-book, audio or paper-back, get ALL- 3-FOR-PRICE-OF-1.

Offer valid for the next 3 days only. Share with your friends.

Pay to: UBA | 1014074580 | N5,000

Send payment details to me through email or Whatsapp 08064393711 and I’ll send all 3!

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