Brand Innovation

Stand Out or be Outstanding

Make something boring a lot more desirable than others have ever dared to.

Re-imagine and Re-package old products in new ways.

Zobo should come in a tetra-pak not used discarded Eva water bottles.

Fura Yogurt should come in clean disposable plastic bowls not dished from a questionable bucket that’s precariously balanced on the head of a 14 year old girl.

Suya should be wrapped in foil paper not old newspapers like Yahuza Suya.

Chin-chin should be presented in great looking paper like Mini-mi does.

Vegetables and fruits should come in baskets like Christmas hampers.

People don’t buy what others want to sell; they buy what others want to buy.

You can get broke trying to tell people what they need.

However you will do very well by figuring out what people want and figure out how to get it for them.

Need is logical. Want is emotional.

Emotions will win every time. Even with seemingly smart people.

Stand out or be outstanding.

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Happy Holidays.

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