Business Tactics from a Runs-Girl


Tactic 1: Even though she lives in an off-location down in the suburbs, the smart runs girl will be found in the hottest clubs, 5-star hotel lounges and biggest parties.

She also uses a clean Uber, that wayshe looks like she owns the car!

Why does she do that? It’s simple! People payhigher basedonimpression. She might even be mistaken for a wife material by some gullible bloke.

She won’t be the firstDelilah to trapa strong man by the softness of her voice and thighs…of course.

Lesson 1: If you don’t havea nice swanky office? Offerto have all your appointments at the client’s own office.Better yet, take them out for lunch. Thenbesure you can be found, seen and heardin the right circles. These build your credibility. Network on social mediaand join social clubs and communities in your city.Access is everything!

Tactic2: She’s always on peng from head to toe to iPhone. She has on a long Brazilianweave-on and is rocking the latestdesigner wear inthisseason’s colour, shehaswhatthe French call savoir faire.

Lesson 2: Dress to impressatall times. Polish yourshoes, get a haircut frequently, use an anti-perspirant if you sweat excessively under your arms, use a perfume. Impress the 5 senses of your target!

Tactic 3: If she’s in a nightclub, she may offer to buy you a drink.Ifyoufallfor that,she’lleven askyoutoaccompany her to dance. O boy! She willdancedirtywith you and really have you turned on!

But beforegoing to yourhotelroom,she wouldstateherpriceandhave an agreement for compensation.

Lesson 3: Build rapport withyourclient. Get reallyfamiliar withthem. Joke about the politics,football and enquire about their kids. Give them something nice but no pro-bono work!! Instead, do a trade-by-barter.

Tactic 4: The truly professional runs-girl chooses whom to lurewithhereyes and assets;which manto pay attentionto and whom to rebuff. She is selective. She has to be, if she wants to stay alive and get paid what she deserves,shecan’tjustgo homewith any jerk or stranger. Don’t you know there are liars and ritualists out there?

Lesson 4: Beselectivewith whom you choose to do business; don’t jump for any and every job that comes your way. You can burn out easily that way or get frustrated with customers who’s expectations don’t match your delivery.

When you figure a way to deploy all 4 tactics a pro-girl uses, your price will increase through natural forces of demand and supply.

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