Can Only “Me” Make a Difference?

A tough question huh?

Or maybe not.

Short answer: Yes you can. But it would cost you T.V time and idle time spent chatting with friends on the latest football ratings, Tiwa Savage’s divorce and whatnot.

But questions like these are important to ask yourself at least once a week. Or maybe a month if deep philosophical thinking isn’t quite your thing and you’ll rather be watching the latest episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians. Nothing wrong with that, except it never really earned anyone a Guiness Book of Record title, or saved anyone’s marriage or landed them a dream job. Oh well… moving on…

We’re in a world of reality T.V shows, 24 hours news reporting, endless streams of social media feeds and it just makes us think more of complaining about the many problems afflicting our society from the war in Syria, Boko Haram, Tiwa Savage interview, celebrity failed/fake suicide attempts, fuel crisis, power shortage etc. rather than sitting down to think of a solution.

Never get caught up in the dilemma of talking rather than thinking. Or assuming that worrying about the unknown future is the same as deep reflective thinking. Truth is, it has always easier to rant than it is to research. Never be the one to dwell on problems rather than recommending solutions. Think of how great and wonderful the Earth could be if more people started focusing the conversation on providing solutions to societal issues like unemployment, poverty, hunger and sickness.

But it is easier to raise hell on how things are falling apart that it is to research on the way forward. It’s easy to look at the past with nostalgia and think of it as being “the good old days”. Nowadays even pessimists often come across as being “wise” or sound in their logic after showing “evidence” that the world is coming to an end or at least we’re all going going die.

Fortunately in the 21st Century, you don’t have to be a rich business mogul, world class scholar or Nobel Prize winner to start up an enterprise to engage the unemployed youths in your street or town. Ideas not money ultimately rule the world. I know this for a fact, having recently kickstarted a website: which I hope to build to become the unoffical biggest database of lands for sale in the city. Before now I’ve always complained on how hard it is to source for lands upon request and their agents without jumping through hoops and meeting a lot of half-brained loafers (street agents) with awful long super-stories (mostly lies) and no transport fares. Well I’ve decided to build one myself and quit griping about it. So it’s not exactly Facebook or Google, but it would be immensely useful to anyone involved in the real estate business in this city.


So what to do?

First of all what do you feel strongly about? When you decide on what this is, then ask yourself what difference can you bring to the table. Your attempts to start working on this initiative will be like a light in the darkness and give permission for others that were perhaps too timid to come forward and make a difference begin to emulate you.

The truth of the matter is that it’s always easier to follow than to lead, and so people need to find that spark from you and in no time will ignite their inner beings and soon your world can be set ablaze like a bush fire which starts small but soon spreads.

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