What Makes Us So Fearful and Distrustful of Each Other?

It is way easier for a foreigner to make it in this country than for a Nigerian. We have our own unique form of xenophobia called tribalism that makes it difficult for non-indigenes of many communities to get accepted and integrated in other states across Nigeria. But we gladly welcome foreigners from a different space. […]

A Country in Distress

Nigerians are Worse than Marlians...

The mind cannot unlearn what it already knows The eyes cannot unsee what it already sees. Nigeria is in a horrible state, like a dying patient with Stage 4 cancer. The prognosis for death has been delayed by 5 years yet the verdict still hangs heavy in the air. Our 140 million youths are hungry […]

Are You Dependent on a Guy?

Only God will never disappoint you. Never put your faith in men. They can fail you… or even if they don’t mean to their heart may fail them, the business can fail, a prophecy may fail them, the Supreme Court can fail them, their health can also fail. Put your faith first in GOD and […]

What’s the Use of Prayer?

When you pray, don’t assume God to be some sort of shopping assistant on Jumia. Or think that Heaven is some sort of candy shop for Christians to pick from. Don’t ask God for flashy cars (just so you can oppress/impress His other children), or for a new iPhone, Samsung S6 Edge & Vera Wang […]

Heavenly Conscious. Earthly Useless

We sometimes can get so Heavenly conscious and Earthly useless to one another. So many people keep malice with their own parents for one reason or the other. Some parents also are spiteful to their kids/grand-kids over unmet expectations. Others are constantly at loggerheads with their siblings or long-time friends over frivolities. Some are intolerant […]

Show Us More Kindness and Less Gore

An accident happened on our way to church earlier today. First we heard a loud tyre screech followed by a loud bang, before we even saw the burning vehicle that hit an electric pole. A small crowd had soon gathered… but the problem was many of them were not interested in throwing sand on the […]

The Special Grace of God

Delegating all our cares to Heaven.

Please why is it that if you ask a typical Nigerian, “Will you be able to come to the office today so we have a meeting and make a decision?” They’ll say, “By the special grace of God”. What does grace have to do with that? Tell a Nigerian voter about a particular injustice or […]