Don’t Bargain. Sell Money Instead

A Quick Lesson in Negotiation

The price of a bunch of banana by the roadside is already set by the seller. Or is it? The price of fixing your car is set by the mechanic. Oh really? The price of a hotel room is set by owner. Is that so? Who fixed these prices? Are they non-negotiable like the 10 […]

Nigerian Youths are Demoralised not Lazy

We were wrongly misdiagnosed!

I dont even want to talk about the elections held in Kogi & Bayelsa State. It gets me so upset. It just goes to show that the devil you know (PDP) might be better than the demon (APC) you dont know. Just see how our youths are mobilized to cause mayhem, oppress and destroy vote […]

Dont be a Crooked Referee

A life lesson

Life has taught me that whenever a couple is having a quarrel please try not to take sides!!! That sh*t just makes you a damn crooked referee in any match anyways. Don’t even try and play both sides. Infact dont even be a referee or a judge- even if they want to appoint you as […]

The Greatest Gift to a Child

Spare the rod and spoil the child isn’t necessarily about flogging your child with a cane. It’s also ensuring you don’t spare them from certain “hardships” that will pay off in their future. Thank God I was never spoilt as a child; I learned how to work hard, hustle hard and value both money and […]

Simple Phone Ettiquette

Something Everyone Should Know!

Dont call someone more than twice continuously. If they dont pick up your call, presume they have something important to attend to!! It’s good for your sanity and self esteem to embrace such positive thinking. Or maybe, they don’t just want to talk to you at the time. Just chill… you’ll soon find out soon […]

How To Think Through Your Business Ideas

The Dreamer, The Realist and The Critic

Sometimes people come to me with a business idea, and instead of getting all super-excited about the “opportunity”, I start to criticise and find loopholes. A few get dissappointed or even dismayed 😨 But its really simple… if you dreamt up the idea, then I have to become either a Realist or even a Pessimist […]

Did You Miss Me? Well I’m back!!

How Valuable Are You?

Everybody is of EQUAL value in the eyes of God. Saints and Sinners, Male or Female, Married or Single, Hausa or Igbo. But we all have different values placed on us when we come into the market place. So if you’re not well paid as an employee or perhaps you don’t command the high fees […]

Is Poverty linked with Excessive Pride?

  This intravenous injection💉 goes out to those who think they are better than other children of God made of same clay, dust and blood. Look eh, I can’t even deal with wealthy people acting like they created the world and the moon and sun revolves around them. I just stay away from them. Or […]

Hedge Your Bets

  When times are uncertain, one must learn to hedge their bets. Better to seek partners on big projects than going in all alone. Unless you are Dangote. Learn to play in different industries/countries/currency and learn a few things along the way. Hedge your bets. ​Protect yourself against loss by supporting more than one possible […]