A Security Tip for Every Nigerian

How to Avoid Your Phones from determining your kidnap value

I keep saying this 99 times. When in a kidnap situation, toss away your phone or smash it! Apparently the kidnappers use the contents of your phone to determine how much ransom you were worth. So apparently that lovely posing pic in the wrong hands could mean you are a very rich person who can […]

Being Lawful in a Lawless Society

Is this Wisdom or Folly?

So let me explain… from my experience in doing business in Nigeria, I now realize that very often, the good guys come last and this scenario plays out happens whether in politics, business, private sector or the civil service. This is just the way things are. The Nigerian police expects, sorry DEMANDS to be paid […]

Are You a Hypochondriac?

I woke up this morning shivering with a terrible cold. I thought I had malaria. Then I turn to Mrs. Okoro and ask her if she’s also feeling badly cold… she said yes. Aha! Then it’s all good… must be the weather then. Napoleon Hill believes that most illness begins with a negative mind. Its […]

When is the Best Time for Change?

Dogs, like all other life-forms are driven by instinct. It doesn’t matter whether you dress them up in expensive designer clothes. They will still bark at every passing stray cat, urinate on trees to mark their territory, and then go smell each other butts. Human beings are the only creatures that have been given free […]

Whose Hands are Your Plans In?

Whatever comes your way, always remember the lesson of this story… A little boy and his father visited the country store, and upon leaving the store, the owner of the store offered the little boy some free sweets… Get a hand full of sweets”, the shop owner said to the boy. The boy just stood […]

The Meaning of True Wealth

So the truths I’m revealing today is so sincere… maybe I should be cannonized as a saint, maybe… did you spot the halo yet? Real wealth is not all about money. Real wealth is also: -not having to go to useless meetings -not having to censure your thoughts because some politicians are afraid of truth. […]

An Unusual Christmas Gift

Listen o! It’s not like I’m stingy, selfish or anything vile… but just don’t come around my house and be expecting to be served a full 3-course meal after December 26th! That’s an entitlement mentality and we are having none of that!✋🏼 So just expect piping hot green tea. Of course there are also several […]

Do You Know Vampires Exist?

Oh yeah they do!

Oh! Vampires do exist. But they don’t always come with sharp teeth or pale faces, and they may not necessarily like human blood. Sometimes they actually come in the shape of regular colleagues at work or more precisely the critical friend. Sometimes the vampire is even family! You know them… the ones that feed off […]

The Problem With Hard-Working Uneducated Folks

The need for enterprise education

People misunderstand the root cause of the problem with the Nigerian youths. It’s not that the youths are plain lazy, it’s that they have subconsciously been programmed to have lazy thoughts. And hope to hammer. Pray for a miracle. Or maybe find employment in Shell & NNPC. We have a great number of “unskilled labour” […]