Business Tactics from a Runs-Girl

  Tactic 1: Even though she lives in an off-location down in the suburbs, the smart runs girl will be found in the hottest clubs, 5-star hotel lounges and biggest parties. She also uses a clean Uber, that wayshe looks like she owns the car! Why does she do that? It’s simple! People payhigher basedonimpression. […]

What is Your Personal Development Plan?

a guide for making 2019 your best year ever

Your Personal Development Plan must be well-thought through and be used to ensure that you have balance in all areas of your life. Spend some time on thinking on how to improve all areas and after you’re done put up a vision board on all 12 areas so you can constantly stay focused and motivated. […]

Stop Comparing Your Marriage

Someone put this write-up on a group and it’s so good that I feel compelled to share with you, even though the original author is unknown. I have edited it for brevity and to get the best punch out of it. Some wash their husband’s clothes and it works for them. Others don’t and amazingly […]

Humans can Evolve at Will!

Dogs, monkeys and elephants cant do that..

Dogs, like all other life-forms are driven by instinct. It doesn’t matter whether you dress them up in expensive designer clothes. They will still bark at every passing stray cat, urinate on trees to mark their territory, and then go smell each other butts. Human beings are the only creatures that have been given free […]

Going Beyond the Job Description.

How employees can increase their value in the workplace

Due to the nature of my work, I sleep in more hotels than your average runs-girl 😏 And I find that the porters and bell hops at most hotels, don’t have a simple tin of shoe polish and brush- a total investment of just N400!! The shoe brush is N100 and Kiwi Polish is N300. […]

How Valuable are You in the Marketplace?

Everybody is of equal value in the eyes of God. But we all have different values placed on us when we step into the market place. Wiz Kid can command N10million for an appearance. Nobody ever paid to hear me sing! Goodluck Ebele Jonathan can be paid $20,000 for a 30minutes keynote. Barack Obama can […]

Shaking the Table on Customers Attitude

The customer is king. Yes. And bad kings are sometimes deposed or worse still, disposed off. Look guys, just because you pay for something doesn’t mean you should speak rudely or crudely to the service provider! For me I just ask for your account number and make a refund. I refuse to serve people who […]

Don’t Take Your Ducks to Eagle School

it wont work!

Years ago, when I first heard this truism from the great Jim Rohn… it struck me as being a tad bit too fatalistic, but I’ve since found out it’s TRUE. You see, taking a duck to Eagle Heights International High School, may teach the duck to fly slightly higher than they’re used to. However that […]

Based on a True Story

Testimony on the Smart Hustler Game-Plan

On the 14th of February 2018, I gave an offer on my Instagam page: @askebuka to coach the first 5 people as my Valentine’s Day giveaway. A lady quickly took me up on the offer, that was the first smart thing… The following day, we had a 45minutes conversation over the phone and laid out […]

The Difference between Price vs. Value

I bought a book, The Blue Ocean Strategy back in 2012 for N3,000. It is such a great read! Later on, I repackaged and converted part of the information I gained from the book into a fun, hands-on 3-day training programme. As at today, the Applied Skills for Business Innovation has earned our organization over […]