What is Wrong With Being a Brown Skin Girl?

Please what is wrong with being dark-skinned? Why do some Nigerian ladies have a core dislike for the colour of their skin?? I dont know about other African countries🤦🏻‍♀🤦🏻‍♀🤦🏻‍♀ Is it our men that contribute to it? When they will be looking for fair ladies upandan🙄😏 Or is it just low self-esteem or inferiority complex […]

Who Are the Real Witches of Nigeria?

A curious case of mistaken identity

  The way we direct our attention towards witchcraft baffles me! To say that Nigeria is a deeply religious country is an understatement. We are both religious as well as superstitious. Oh how I wish that our dear prayer warriors, spiritual directors, imams, priests, pastors & preachers both online and offline focus more attention on […]

The Story of the Demon and the Donkey

A donkey was tied to a tree. A demon came and released him. The donkey entered the field of a farmer and began to eat everything. The farmers wife saw the donkey and was afraid that he would destroy the farm, took the rifle and killed him. The donkeys owner saw the dead donkey, got […]

Is the Devil scared of your Pastor?

Nigerians should grow up fast please poverty does not “die by fire”. Poverty dies by applying WORK to your FAITH. Our version of Christianity is getting too embarrassing by the day. Today, any joker can register a “church”, rent a space, hire a choir, climb a pulpit and spewing all sorts of unsubstantiated philosophy, making […]

Nigerians are Happy People, yes?

The Nigerian Senate has passed a bill seeking to officially increase VAT to 7.5%. Soon the House of Representatives will rubber stamp. First they close the borders. Then they tax the people trying to do make the best of a bad situation!!! Who does that?? Well apparently, this administration has a different way of playing […]

Don’t Bargain. Sell Money Instead

A Quick Lesson in Negotiation

The price of a bunch of banana by the roadside is already set by the seller. Or is it? The price of fixing your car is set by the mechanic. Oh really? The price of a hotel room is set by owner. Is that so? Who fixed these prices? Are they non-negotiable like the 10 […]

Nigerian Youths are Demoralised not Lazy

We were wrongly misdiagnosed!

I dont even want to talk about the elections held in Kogi & Bayelsa State. It gets me so upset. It just goes to show that the devil you know (PDP) might be better than the demon (APC) you dont know. Just see how our youths are mobilized to cause mayhem, oppress and destroy vote […]

Dont be a Crooked Referee

A life lesson

Life has taught me that whenever a couple is having a quarrel please try not to take sides!!! That sh*t just makes you a damn crooked referee in any match anyways. Don’t even try and play both sides. Infact dont even be a referee or a judge- even if they want to appoint you as […]