Choosing the Right Woman

case studies from the Bible

A woman got the first man- Adam thrown out of Eden.

A woman got the strong man- Samson’s eyes gouged out and thrown into prison with hard labour.

A woman caused the good man- Joseph to get thrown into prison.

A woman made King David turn from God.

A thousand women made the wise man- Solomon, stray from God.

On the flip side it was a woman helped Elijah when he was starving.

A woman saved baby Moses when he was floating away in a basket.

A woman named Esther saved her people from the king’s wrath.

A woman bore you for 9 months and gave birth to you.

Be careful of the kind of woman you keep close. Choose a woman NOT for the depth of her cleavage, roundness of her backside or width of her hips.

Rather when choosing a woman go for the depth of her love, roundness of her wisdom and width of knowledge. Your choice of a woman can lift you to greater heights or tear you down.

Be wise.


The wrong woman can spell the end for you.

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