Do Your Clients Like You and Trust You?

Trust is the first currency in business. Trust is the only thing a brand ever has. You can survive for a while on being the cheapest on the block like a 99p burged from MacDonalds. You can survive for a while on being the newest in town like Tantalizers once was or having the latest features like Blackberry once did.

Ultimately people will always go for the brand that they can trust. They’ll forget what price was paid, but they’ll never forget how reliable and dependable your service delivery matched your initial promises.

The wider the gap between the actual service delivery versus the promised delivery, the farther away your brand is from achieving a 5 Star Trust status.  So you would have to keep working hard all your life to sell your brand, products and services to new clients- which is quite tiring and diffcult.

An easier way would be delivering on what you promised and only then can you be assured of repeatable clients (expanded wallet share) and referalls (increased market share).

What would you prefer?


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