Coming of Age

What is Maturity?


It is generally assumed that with Age comes with wisdom and experience.

However it should be noted that sometimes old age comes alone.

Na only am waka come.

If you’re past a certain age but still take pride in things you should have dropped a decade ago; you’re definitely getting older without getting wiser.

At 8: Boys will brag about how strong/rich Daddy is.

At 18: How many girls they have kissed and beers they can drink.

At 28: How much money they earn

At 38: How big their house/career/business is.

At 48: How smart their kids are (and attribute it to their good genes)

At 68: How smart their grand-kids are.

Different phases. But the same need for one-upmanship, approval and significance.

Just don’t be living a prior stage when you’re gone past that age. You’ll not gain any bonus points or admiration for that.


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