Conspiracy of Silence

Many evils are committed daily across the country but very few times does anyone ever dare speak out, for fear of the unknown.

Instead we CHOOSE to suffer silently.

With muffled sounds we weep. We grumble and murmur.

Afraid that if we scream out loud we may be accused of making a hate speech and be singled out for punishment.

Or blasted on social media by our friends of being jealous and advised to be patient, wait and pray for our own turn.

News Flash: It is already our turn! But we just don’t know it yet. The rules of Democracy and organising political parties are still not familiar to us.

So we rather organize lavish parties than organize lobbyist groups to mete out embargo on airlines that refuse to compensate passengers.

Or banks like GTbank that overcharge their customers. Or organizations like Globacom that sack it’s married women. Or Arik Air that refuses to honor tickets bought on their own website.

No fucks really given.

6774 evasive billionaires in Nigeria. There seems to be one on every street in Nigeria. You even likely know more than one personally.

There are less than 169 listed companies with a total market capitalization of over ₦13 trillion on the Nigerian Stock Exchange.

You see these seat at home billionaire guys? They are richer than the entire public listed companies on the NSE. That’s why our youths are unemployed and roaming the streets.

Zero fucks given.

No mass protest. No hysteria. No civil rights group has made a comeback.

Just a shrug and a murmur here and there.

No fucks given.

Is this what our Democracy has come to?

Are we still suffering the hangover from the military era?

Speak Up! Refuse to be a part of the conspiracy of silence.

Don’t be a coward. Speak Up!!!

Watch out for my new video series on Instagram: @askEbuka as I speak on issues troubling my mind here in Nigeria.

Yes I am afraid. But I choose to speak.

Speak Up. Spread the word.

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