Courage Vs. Confidence

What's the difference?

My niece, Ebube, asks a lot of questions. She’s 9 years old and her curiosity is at its peak!

Today she asked me: “Is there a difference between confidence and courage?”

She also asked: “Is there a difference between a sin and a crime?”

But this post isn’t time for that second answer.

Back to Confidence Vs. Courage. I tried to explain to her and decided instead to show her a video to illustrate the difference.

True Courage is not the absence of fear, but the willingness to proceed inspite of it.

Confidence is a faith or certainty in your ability to do something.

Courage is unconditional where as Confidence depends upon the situation.

Courage means doing the things even if you are scared.

The guy in the video below is confident but not courageous.

Due to our fears and insecurities as humans, we sometimes run away from our life’s true purpose like Jonah did and change our course. Other times we make up excuses like Moses did for our lack of experience or sufficient resources.

But life favours the bold; and Heaven assists the man whose faith is unshakeable in fulfilling the purpose his heart believes he was created for.

So stop the procrastination and excuses and start doing something today towards seeing your dreams come true.

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