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An Air-Peace Experience

Whenever I fly #AirPeace on their plane named Nnenna, I’m impressed by one of the air-host, his name is Donald. He’s usually serving the Business Class passengers.


The standard boring greetings over the public address system is spiced up by Donald especially after a successful landing. He would rain accolades of praise on Air Peace as being the “best airline in Africa”, his fellow crew members are described as “amazing” and as for the pilot and co-pilot, you’d imagine he was an emcee on their wedding.


A standard example would be:


“Ladies and gentlemen we have now touched down the Nnamdi Azikiwe Airport, Abuja. I’m sure you will all agree that you have just been flown by the BEST pilot in the world. What a landing! Soft touch. A pilot who comes from a family of pilots. His father is a pilot. All his 4 brothers are also pilots. So though he may look young, he has a life-time of experience.


I’d like to thank my beautiful crew, the shapely Ada and the beautiful and petite Angela….”


The last flight I was on after he was done, the entire passengers gave a roaring applause. It wasn’t a STANDING ovation as we were still wearing our seat-belts. But it was damn close.


I look forward to his announcements each time. What a brand ambassador! Makes the most of a routine, monotonous job and transforms it into a major highlight.


An example of a man who is likely to go places. As we departed, I watched several passengers give him their complimentary cards.


He won’t be a flight-attendant for very long.


Have you met #Donald? 👇


Have you gone the #extramile on your job?


Can you be described as a worthy brand ambassador for your organization?

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