Defining Success

My good friend and business mogul, Austine Okonkwo sent me a really insightful message yesterday which I think needs to be heard by just about everyone. He had this to say:

There are rich engineers and poor engineers, there are rich famers and poor famers, there are rich teachers and poor teachers, and there are rich furniture makers and very poor carpenters. In the same year some multinationals are posting losses, some small entrepreneurs are declaring remarkable profit. It is not the career or the vocation, it is about the individual involved in the art.

Dear friend, any vocation in this life has the capacity to produce billionaires. There is no job in this world that cannot make you rich, it’s not about what you do, it’s about it being your purpose and how you do it and how far you are willing to take it.

Now, too many of us are primarily driven and distracted by gains and rewards rather than purpose, responsibility and assignment. We pay little attention to what we can do and pay so much attention to what we want to get; forgetting what you can do determines what you can get.

Let me break this down, personally it’s sickening, how everywhere I turn, conversations, discussions and dialogues are centred on gains, profits, money and material things; not ideas, solutions and creativity. The motivation for many in doing anything nowadays is by what they stand to gain not the value they can create. Hence, they dispense little mental energy in creativity and excellence and think most of the time about how much they can make and what they can buy with the money. Consequently and sadly, you find a lot of people trying hard to sell a bad job and low quality stuff for so much – the gain is their motive and not excellence in service or product delivery.

I see many people in excitement talk about latest cars, latest houses, latest fashion, latest gadgets and the great goodies of life. They want this and want that, they are consumed by the grab, grab and grab, acquire, acquire and acquire mentality. They keep acquiring and are never satisfied, they chase everything yet feel empty afterwards and think the solution is in getting more and the latest. It is sad, very sad that today, people equate success with material gains and possessions.

Yes, it is true that money and material possessions are parts the reward for great achievements and accomplishments, but money can also be acquired without delivering anything great or phenomenal. There are fraudulent ways to wealth. Prosperity is not the same as making money or material acquisition, no, prosperity is finding good success; succeeding in all you do – mark the words, ‘all you do’ which means success is about you doing something not just in getting something. A prosperous man is he that achieves great results with anything he handles; not he that has stock pilled cash and possessions.

Cash and possessions don’t bring happiness and fulfilment, laying your hands on a task and finding solution and great results is prosperity. A prosperous man can be compared with a tree that bears fruit in due season regardless of what the environment says. A prosperous man is he that keeps bringing forth solution – solution can be likened to fruit that people can feed on and find satisfaction.

A prosperous man is a solution breeder, not a possession gatherer. A prosperous man does not chase wealth, he creates wealth; his ability to create wealth comes from within him not from around him. His ability to make money has nothing to do with where he is but with who he is. A prosperous man is extremely generous because money flows from him; money is subject to him, because he creates money.

A prosperous man does not hustle; run everywhere, join the rat race and work endlessly; he need not do that because his wealth does not come from his labour, it comes from his nature.

Dear friend, slow down, stop chasing money, create money by knowing who you are and deploying who you really are. And in a very short while, you will have so much and it will mean nothing to you because who you are brings you more satisfaction and pleasure than what you have.

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2 thoughts on “Defining Success

  1. This is one of your greatest post by far written on wealth, money n prosperity.and it’s coming at a time when our Creator had given me deep insight about my calling in the medical field I’m so happy I read up today cos it’s like a confirmation of the Rhema I got last night. Thanks a lot even as u kip doing what you’ve been called to do.