Do I have a dual-personality?

So my online friends & followers seem to assume that I’m some sort of “all business no playtime” type of person.

So whenever they call me up for business advice or to buy my book, and they are mostly like “yes sir”, “okay sir”, “sorry for disturbing your money making process sir”…. etc.

Bhet why? Whatever gave you that strange idea?

My family & friends who know me offline, know that I’m a joker, No. 1 tequila slinger of the North, crowd gatherer, party starting, suya chewing, table-shaking, trash-talking, chilled out dude… especially in the evenings.

I take this life easy… as a matter of fact my life is like one big holiday in Margaritaville🍸

Hmmm… So maybe I have dual personality? 🤔 Or izzit an ogbanje spirit?

Abeg I’m a simple guy, you folks can carry on with your very serious life. I’ll just be drinking this glass red wine.🍷

Please for social events, kindly invite me and I’ll be there long before the event organizers and party planner. Just make sure you lock up the drinks otherwise I will not be held responsible.

Try me.

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