Do Something Different: Upcoming Seminar

Pressing your horn louder doesn’t make the traffic flow faster. Pressing down on the accelerator when you are approaching a ditch won’t turn your car into an aircraft. Sometimes “more” isn’t the correct answer. Doing more of what’s not working doesn’t fix it. Spending more money on the world’s most insulted President couldn’t secure a re-election.

When the old or familiar stops working, we sometimes respond in strange ways. We might keep doing the same things over and over again mostly due to force of habit. It’s irrational but sometimes we just can’t help it. It’s our default setting. Habits are formed without our conscious mind paying any attention. They can be changed or rather replaced only through consciousness and an increased awareness.

Don’t raise your voice, increase your logic. Don’t get mad and upset, increase your understanding. When you take away the cause, the effect disappears.

You are cordially invited to register for our upcoming business seminar: Do Something Different. Till date, this unique seminar has birthed several new thriving business success and yielded an ROI of over 3000% for past participants.

Come and you will discover quickly how to position your business to STAND out from a crowded market.

You’ll also learn how to expand your service offering to explore new markets.

Date: Saturday 2nd May 2015

Venue: 46 Mike Akhigbe Way, Jabi. Abuja.

Time: 10am to 4pm. ‎

Fees: N20,000 only with a 25% for payments made before the 28th of April 2015.

Reservations: 08030999099 Nonye

Convener: Jean-Paul & Associates Consultancy.

Teacher: Ebuka J. Anichebe

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One thought on “Do Something Different: Upcoming Seminar

  1. The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again with the expectation of achieving a different result.