Do You Know Vampires Exist?

Oh yeah they do!

Oh! Vampires do exist.

But they don’t always come with sharp teeth or pale faces, and they may not necessarily like human blood.

Sometimes they actually come in the shape of regular colleagues at work or more precisely the critical friend. Sometimes the vampire is even family!

You know them… the ones that feed off your fears and worries.

You know the type that ALWAYS has to make an elaborate critique on why your plans won’t work. Without ever offering a suggestion for improvement.

They’ll cut your dreams down to size and when they get their teeth sunk inside you- you can get infected by the fear they spread.

Your silver bullet is to cut ’em off.

Don’t speak to them about your new project. Don’t let them “advise” you and pay no attention to their warnings or criticism. Not unless they are qualified to speak out of extensive experience or proven expertise.

If you shun them, eventually they’ll wither away and die anonymously. And your dreams may have a fighting chance for survival.

See you next week!

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