Doing What You Love

‎How would you like to eat your cake, and then have it? Well that’s what you get when you are paid for doing what you love.

With more graduates chasing fewer jobs, many new graduates would have to find a way to make a living for themselves. So I’m going to talk about the consulting and coaching industry which I have found a niche in. I’ve heard many people particularly friends holding down a regular 9 to 5 job say they envy me for being able to laugh at the end of the day, work at my own hours (I love working at night) and thoroughly enjoy doing it! Doing what you love is great. But, if you’re in business, you want to know that you’re making a profit from it. According to the author Steve Pavlina “Do what you love, but be damned sure it’s profitable.”

If you’re going to be in business, you need to be sure that there’s money in what you’re doing. Sure, you don’t want to bang your head against a wall by doing something you dislike. But there’s no point doing something you love if you can’t make a good living from it. That’s because most of us really love having food, clothing, shelter, security, self esteem and other important needs.

One may love consulting, but then would not love everything about consulting. There are some projects that you merely like. However, you would LOVE being able to enjoy the freedoms of having a good income- maybe not as steady as some would like.

Sometimes it’s high and sometimes it’s just enough to get by another month. You shouldn’t throw yourself into work you hate, but then again you wouldn’t mind making good money for doing things you naturally like. In the end, you’ll love the freedom that work delivers.

I would advise anyone going into the consulting world in any field to begin with focusing on the work they like best. This pays by itself by helping you and your client giving the surprise factor in all you do. Putting in that extra touch, the extra thought, going an extra mile.

I once had a job to create a website for a particular client that was keen on faultless writing but was unable to do so himself. Being keen on delivering a good job as well as my interest in designing websites led to my involvement in carrying out a detailed study and research into the field of business he was into. And subsequently writing up the content of the site and designing its layout. The client was amazed- we had two more similar jobs in less than a week!

That’s the power of doing the jobs you truly enjoy. You then require little momentum to deliver first class 5 star service and oust the competition with little or no effort in putting that extra value. A computer analyst that helps you do a system upgrade after a cursory maintenance check is more preferred to one that doesn’t. A consultant that sends you relevant mail updates regarding news in your field is generally appreciated than one that does a one off job and is off to the next.

If you’re having a hard time figuring out what you can do for profit, work on doing a personal inventory to help you identify your passions, interests and talents. Talk to friends, colleagues or visit sites on the internet that describes your occupational interests or personal inventory.‎


1. What do you love doing, and would do for free?

2. Who is your target audience?

3. What’s stopping you from selling your uniqueness and onlyness to the world?

Talk to me. ‎

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6 thoughts on “Doing What You Love

  1. I read this piece with gusto. It’s great do work that one loves and makes money from it.

    Thanks a lot for the post.

  2. As usual I enjoy reading your blog post since ‘we’ moved here. Personally one of my major challenge in life is having to determine my major talent and pursuing it against all odds. Ordinarily I am into business and should be happy since the money is coming in but then I feel there is something more I should be doing.

    However via my experiences and people’s viewpoint am gifted in the areas of teaching, motivation and counselling and the only thing I have thought of doing around those areas is lecturing of which I am going for my PhD this year.

    What do you think Coach?

    • I believe there’s a lot of room to explore your gifting. You just have to dare and step out. And I don’t think you need a PhD to do so, you can start already.

      As long as you’ve been successful in business and you still feel deep inside you that you would love to assist other upcoming entrepreneurs or new graduates to achieve the level of success that you currently enjoy, I believe your heart is in the right place.

      So you can start with an open seminar and invite people to come learn, make it affordable and then give a lot more than they paid for, go the extra mile. Before you know it, you’ll build your confidence to begin sending proposals to corporate organisations and NGO’s to train their staff also. God knows Nigerians needs all the help it’s people are willing to offer.

      I can help you with this process of starting off or you can just read my book- Make Your Life a Blockbuster and get started already!

  3. You know me boss. I loooove your posts (used to be your broadcasts). But not been getting them since we lost bbm contact. Please can you re-add me on that platform as I have a lot I wish to discuss with you on this subject of business coaching and mentoring. Thanks for the positive value you’ve added to my life down the years…. God bless.