Don’t Take Your Ducks to Eagle School

it wont work!

Years ago, when I first heard this truism from the great Jim Rohn… it struck me as being a tad bit too fatalistic, but I’ve since found out it’s TRUE.

You see, taking a duck to Eagle Heights International High School, may teach the duck to fly slightly higher than they’re used to.

However that duck will never develop the strength of an eagle, the long-range eyesight or predator-instincts of an eagle.

Talents, genes and natural gifts play a crucial role. Blended with a solid work ethic and you have a winner.

Giving a certificate to the duck after a 5-day training program, with a medal or a badge wont help much either. And it doesn’t matter that the school fees or course fee costs you an arm and a leg!

It’s a lot easier and effective to teach the duck to paddle much faster in it’s natural environment.

On the flipside, you shouldn’t waste your valuable resources teaching an eagle to swim like a duck!

It’s also an effort in futility. Self-awareness is supreme.

Training, coaching or teaching is really for the purpose of improving on latent talent. Not instilling them.

Next time you are to hire new staff, ensure that they have the initiative, intelligence, instinct and integrity. Find good talent and then hire them. Dont get mediocre-minded people and hope that somehow in a day’s seminar, I can teach them to become eagle-flyers.

These attributes and attitudes cannot be instilled easily at a much older age, hence the saying, “Dont teach an old dog, new tricks”.

Likewise, please don’t take your ducks to Eagle School!Find out what their strengths are and develop them within their competence zone. If that bird is a duck, let it swim. If that bird is a parrot, let it talk. If that little bird is a nightingale, let it sing!

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