Empowered Women vs. Entitled Men

Now if this isn’t the truth and nothing but the truth, then I dunno what is.

Most men think they want an empowered woman, so they go out and get married to one.

Then after a while they want to treat her in the same way and manner their fathers, grandfathers and forefathers treated their mothers and grandmothers.

Then they start to complain when the women of today respond differently.

Oga eh, your grandmother and mother didn’t have as many options as an empowered woman today does so please dont compare apples with oranges abeg! 🙄✋🏼

Mistakes have been made… so now let’s teach our children better!

Perhaps today’s woman should be a bit patient and tolerant with their men, it takes time for cultural influences to change.

Women are no doubt still the most underrated and untapped resource in Nigeria and most of Africa. And men should be taught on how to bring out the best from the women while working and living in harmony with our changing realities.


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