Expand Your Identity (Unleash Your Brand)

Don’t be in such a great hurry to box yourself into an identity that you leave little room for personal growth or a chance to explore other areas of your life.

Today we see a lot of people identify themselves by different names- youth coach, banker, mentor, sexologist, author, engineer, doctor, relationship guru etc. While it is great to carve a niche for yourself, it is foolish to create an identity that limits your imagination.

Research shows that professional sportsmen who imagine that without playing the game, they can’t do much of anything else eventually end up less well off financially than their peers who learn to do more than toss a ball around- whether it’s a baseball, basketball or football. So Michael Jordan was a little League baseball coach after leaving the NBA, Magic Johnson is an entrepreneur, Okocha and Kanu Nwankwo are both serial entrepreneurs and sports commentators. George Foreman is making big bucks even 20 years after he left professional boxing and Manny Pacquio is an active politician in his country.

So don’t put yourself into a really small box, by just thinking that because you wrote a book- it makes you an author and so you can’t be or do anything else. Or perhaps you’ve titled yourself as a life coach or banker, then that must be the only skill you bring to the market in order to be consistent. Hell no!

The motivational speaker, Les Brown, is a business man and was also a state legislator. Arguably the world’s greatest motivational teacher, Anthony Robbins, owns 14 businesses. The sultry actress Angelina Jolie is now a director and United Nations ambassador. Nollywood movie star, Desmond Elliot, is also a film director and has an NGO Desmond Elliott foundation with a vision to make clean water available for local communities.

In today’s world you must have multiple skills and abilities to thrive in a world that is fast changing. I can write a great deal, communicate vocally even better, market small businesses, coach others on how to start on a shoestring, build great websites, design beautiful logos, create compelling visual, radio and billboard advertorials and marketing campaigns, I believe I can also act and direct blockbuster movies (I haven’t done this yet, but eventually I will so stay tuned) etc. Does this make me confused? No!

It just means I am more flexible and have a greater span of options than if I stuck to the idea that I have to be just one thing in order to be successful. So my name means different things to different people, I am enigmatic and so can you. So find a place in this world that only you can fill and bring value into a project like only you can with all your values, virtues and yes even vices.

Expand your identity and unleash the brand called You!

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3 thoughts on “Expand Your Identity (Unleash Your Brand)

  1. I align totally to your trend of thought sir. Yet I must say that its utmostly important to be identified by one thing at every phase of a persons life. You can wear many types of shoes but it serves different occasion. Those occasions are seasonal.

    I sincerely believe that there remains a primal calling that we all do have. Our sets of abilities, gifts and talents (both primary and associate) serve that calling. The mistake we make is to make our gifts our calling. Our potentials are simple vehicles to serve a purpose. The most important thing is to discover that singular task to which our entire existence should be ruthlessly committed.

    The people you aforementioned didnt startbout doing all that we ascribe to them now. There’s always something we’d substitute their lives for. For Les Brown is speaking. It doesn’t change other things he is doing. Yet the speaking gift serves a greater purpose.

    DamienChucy: Writer, MasterCompere, CreativeArtsDirector.

  2. It amazes me when I tell people I’m not a coach because I coach people, I’m not a strategist because I deal tactics, or that I’m an author having written a couple. I second your line of thought