Expand Your Identity

Try out something different, even if you’re scared. Climb a mountain, ride on a power bike, speak to a group, eat a new meal, make a new acquaintance, visit somewhere you have never been before, try karaoke, sing and dance in church, go for an art exhibition, add a twist to your old recipe, have a new experience.

Sometimes confidence comes from knowing how to do a thing really well due to frequency of habit. Other times it comes when you just try out something and break out from conformity.

So try something new even if you’re afraid at first. The truth is that fear is an emotion like love, happiness, confidence, anger or sadness. However trying to change your emotional state can be quite tricky. You can do that by changing your focus, your internal representations or the questions andevaluations you’re making internally. These actions can change our state of mind in moments.

Another new distinction which you can discover is when we learn to use our bodies as an effective tool. When you try out a new experience, change your physiology and subsequently your body’s biochemistry through exercising, deep breathing, a change in posture or just doing something different like dancing salsa or zumba, you quickly find out that the fear or indecision that comes from inaction or habit quickly melts away as you take a new resourceful posture.

The key to remember here is that your body and your mind work in a cybernetic loop. A change in one affects the other, so your mind can affect your body, in the‎ same way your body can affect your mind. Another thing to remember is that trying a new activity in one area can have affect other areas of your life.

So go ahead today and expand your identity.

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