Failure or Feedback?

I tried network marketing in 2007 and then I didn’t do so well, so I stopped. Then I tried again with the same company, we’ll it didn’t do as well as I wanted, again I stopped trying and went back to what was working for me. Am I going to give it another go in the future? Yes I think so!


That’s a good question! Well, because as far as I keep on trying then I am learning new distinctions and succeeding….. or at least I am bound to do so sooner or later. ‚ÄéThere is no failure, only feedback! Sometimes the feedback is negative and so you adjust your strategy and try a different way.

When my son was about 9 months old, he made attempts to walk using his stroller. He kept at it each and every day, and his mum, nanny and of course me (proud daddy) supported him and cheered him on.

He didn’t walk in the 9th month or 10th month….Were we ever tempted to give up on him for not walking sooner? Of course not! That’s ridiculous! We kept cheering him on and supporting him for each failed step he took. One Sunday evening, just one month before his first birthday, he started walking… Took about 5 unassisted steps before grabbing the couch! Today he runs too much, I am tempted to put a leash on him

So if we don’t give up on our kids, why do we give up on our dreams? Keep walking.

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